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Birthdate:Mar 15
Greetings! My name is Natalie and I like to write about my life. This blog is very personal and unless you know me (and even that's not a guarantee), I daresay you are unlikely find it of any interest. Professionally, I'm a scientist, and I have many interests outside of science as well.

I love barreling down mountains on a plank of fiberglass (snowboarding), attacking others with bamboo swords (kendo), and travelling long distances on self-propelled machinery (cycling). I adore art, and like to make it myself, but seldom due so owing to motivation issues. I consider my friends to be my most valuable resource and I would do anything for them: for those I love, I will sacrifice. I also play a lot of video games, with Overwatch and World of Warcraft being my current addictions.

Above all else, I firmly believe in kindness and being kind to others, because I believe for it to be profound and has transformative capabilities. I often mess this up, but I'm really trying to make those screw-ups less and less frequent.

Thank you for reading.
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